It may sound like something out of a science-fiction movie, but self-driving cars are one step closing to becoming a reality. Google, for instance, has been working on an autonomous driving system for several years now. And after clocking 1.8 million collective miles on the odometer, it’s only been in 13 accidents, all of which
Used in a wide variety of industries ranging from healthcare and aerospace to military and manufacturing, membrane switches play a key role in the function of electronic devices. Like all switches, they are designed to turn on and off device through a convenient interface. However, membrane switches differ from mechanical switches by featuring a circuit
Not all touchscreen devices use capacitive or resistive touch-sensing technology. There are more than a dozen different technologies used to power touchscreen devices, including surface wave acoustic (SWA). Also known as surface acoustic wave, SWA is an alternative touch-sensing technology that uses ultrasonic waves to identify when and where a touch occurs on the interface.

What is a Flexible Keyboard?

Keyboards play an important role in computers and other electronic devices. When a touchscreen interface isn’t used, keyboards offer a viable means of input, allowing users to enter commands and control the connected device. While there are dozens of different types of the keyboards, one of the newest styles is a flexible keyboard. As the
Electronic displays such as liquid-crystal display (LCD) TVs and computer monitors typically require some form of backlight. The backlight is an independent component that’s used to illuminate the display; thus, making it visible to the user. Without a backlight, the user wouldn’t be able to see the display. While there are several different types of
Human machine interfaces (HMI) are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in industrial settings and workplaces. Not to be confused with a conventional user interface, an HMI allows a human operator to control a machine through a single interface. They are fundamental for many industrial processes, as they promote increased efficiency, productivity and safety. Today, we’re going
Keypads intended for outdoor use are susceptible to fading from sun exposure. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays will beat down on the keypad, causing the outer graphics layer to gradually fade. This isn’t something that happens overnight. Rather, months of exposure to UV light will eventually cause the graphics layer to fade. In some cases,
Unless a computer has a touchscreen interface, it probably supports input through peripherals, the most  common of which is a keyboard. There are several different types of keyboards, including membrane, dome-switch, capacitive, mechanical-switch, buckling-spring, hall-effect, optical and more. Each type has its own unique characteristics. Keyboards used for computers, however, are often designed in a
Synaptics Inc., maker of computer hardware like display controllers, touchscreen interfaces, biometric sensors and more, has acquired the chipset maker Conexant System for approximately $300,000 million plus 726,000 shares of stock. This massive acquisition has led many analysts to believe that Synaptics is planning something big for the future – and according to a statement
Also known an elastomeric keypads, rubber keypads are characterized by their low profile and use of silicone-rubber materials. Unlike mechanical keypads, they use compression molding to create a webbing around the electrical switch. When you press down on the key, it allows the underlying switch  – which is usually made of a conductive metal –